Letter to cancel a contract that's been breached

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Use this letter to cancel a contract if an essential part of it has not been fulfilled.

Sam Hoolin

8 Park Avenue


01632 960001

Giltham Traders

24 Station Road
GT16 3LP

21 May 2024

To whom it may concern,

I entered into an agreement with your company on 10 December 2022. At the time of purchase I was advised by your representative that the contract included:

1. £5 cash back every month
2. An option to reduce the service with no penalty after 3 months

The above term(s) constitute an essential part of the contract and to date this has not been fulfilled. I am requesting your company to honour the contract within 14 days from the date of this letter. Otherwise I will have no option but to cancel the contract without incurring penalties.

Therefore I would request a refund of costs incurred arising from your breach: 1. The setup fee of £15
2. The first two months' payments of £20 a month

I look forward to your response within the 14-day deadline in order to resolve this matter amicably.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Hoolin

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