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Living in university accommodation

Many students live in accommodation provided by their university, such as halls of residence. Halls are a particularly popular choice for first year and international students.

These pages provide information and advice on what you can expect from living in halls and the unique relationship students have with the university as both landlord and educational institution.

Living in halls

Explains the housing status of students living in halls of residence provided by their university. Also covers rent, deposits, administration fees, bills and council tax.

Rights and responsibilities in halls

Explains the rights and responsibilities of students living in university halls of residence. Covers standards of repairs and safety they can expect, reporting repairs, paying rent, harassment, notice and eviction.

Standards in halls

Explains the codes of standards that universities must follow, when providing halls of residence for students. Covers repairs and maintenance, fire, electrical and gas safety, security, managing tenancy/licence agreements and how to make a complaint.

Your behaviour in halls

Explains how students can be sanctioned if they misbehave or have rent arrears when living in university halls of residence. Sanctions can include withholding qualifications, preventing students progressing in their course and eviction.

Ending your agreement in halls

Explains the rules about ending your tenancy or licence agreement when living in university halls of residence. Covers fixed term and periodic agreements, leaving before the agreement ends and getting your deposit back.