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Life event interventions

The resources in this section were developed as part of an innovative pilot that was part of the Money Advice Service What Works program. By combining principles from behavioural insights with a new targeted approach at finding 'teachable' moments for our clients, we developed a new suite of resources specifically to help those clients who were experiencing a change in their life circumstances. These resources are - like the rest of the library - aimed to support advisers when providing financial capability to their clients.

Overall structure of the resources

The resources in this section are arranged in a specific hierarchy:

  • Firstly they are arranged by broad subject area. At the moment, there are three of these: changes in employment, changes in health status, or changes in relationship
  • Each subject area then has a core section: these are topics that our research has shown us that all clients would find useful no matter their specific life event within that area.
  • Each area then has several groups that each focus on a particular life event within that broad area.

The Life Events maps

Changes in Employment status [ 200 kb]

Changes in Health status [ 160 kb]

Changes in Relationship status [ 190 kb]

Employment life events

Core skills

Group 1 - starting a job

Group 2 - changing a job

Group 3 - at risk of redundancy

Group 4 - redundancy

Health life events

Core skills

Group 1 - pregnancy

Group 2 – short term diagnosis

Group 3 – long term, terminal and critical diagnosis

Relationship life events

Core skills

Group 1 - leaving a partner

Group 2 - separation

Group 3 - divorce

Group 4 – bereavement

Action plans and other useful resources

Session resources