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Making a Universal Credit Claim

22 July 2018

Too many people struggle to make a Universal Credit claim - summary [ 470 kb]

Making a Universal Credit Claim - full report [ 0.64 mb]

Universal Credit is one of the biggest changes to the welfare system since its inception. Bringing together six existing benefits, by the time it has rolled out 7.2 million families will be receiving the new benefit - including 3.9 million people in work. This is a hugely ambitious programme, seeking to simplify the existing complicated benefit system and incentivise people more to start and progress in work.

While Universal Credit is working for the majority, there is a significant minority of people having problems - many of whom are in vulnerable situations and most in need of support.

In this report [ 0.64 mb], we use our evidence and insight from helping tens of thousands of clients with Universal Credit to set out some of the problems that have become apparent at this stage of rollout and suggest how they could be addressed.