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Universal credit managing migration pilot: final results

27 January 2022

Managing migration pilot research cover

16 December 2013

The Managing migration pilot was designed to understand how many of our current clients would be affected by universal credit, and understand their demographic and capability profile. From this, we wanted to identify which services were needed to provide them with necessary support, and how effective these were at equipping clients to successfully manage the migration to universal credit.

Key findings:

  • 9 out of 10 clients will need support to manage the transition, in one or more of the following capability areas: monthly payments, budgeting, banking, staying informed and getting online.
  • After receiving advice and support from the CAB service over half of clients have improved skills in all five key areas.
  • It is not just those that are vulnerable that will need support.

Please note that a minor amendment was made to the above reports in January 2014. 'Income support' was omitted from the list of current benefits being replaced by universal credit. This has now been rectified and does not affect the results from the managing migration pilot. Please refer/use reports with the 'amended' in the file name.

Further information: