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Managed migration to Universal Credit - Citizens Advice briefing

18 December 2018

Managed migration to Universal Credit - Citizens Advice briefing [ 100 kb]

From 2019, the Government will begin the final and biggest phase of the Universal Credit rollout - moving people currently on legacy benefits over to the new benefit. This process is known as ‘managed migration' and will affect an estimated 2.8 million people.

In November, the Government set out its proposals for regulations to govern the process of managed migration. Despite several positive changes, we believe the Government needs to make additional commitments and clarifications to ensure that:

  • Everyone’s incomes are protected during the transition

  • Non-digital routes to claiming and managing Universal Credit are strengthened

  • Options for transferring eligibility to certain benefits are fully explored

  • People going through significant life events don't face a penalty

  • Top up payments given to prior recipients of the Severe Disability Premium are paid at the appropriate rate

  • Known issues with Universal Credit continue to be addressed - including reducing the wait for first payment as a matter of urgency.

Given the potential implications for millions of people who rely on benefit income to pay their bills, we believe the Government should reconsider its current plans for the managed migration regulations.

To ensure managed migration works for everyone, the Government must build on recent positive changes and work towards a process which:

  • Guarantees protection for people who are vulnerable or have complex needs

  • Provides sufficient flexibility for the Department to continue addressing known issues with Universal Credit

  • Ensures that the final process for managed migration can be transparently assessed before it is expanded.