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Universal Credit and Modern Employment

20 April 2018

Universal Credit needs to adapt to the modern labour market [ 160 kb] - summary

Universal Credit and Modern Employment: Work incentives [ 230 kb]

Universal Credit and Modern Employment: Non-traditional work [ 350 kb]

By the time it is fully rolled out in 2022, more than half of the 7.2 million households claiming Universal Credit will be in work. 3.9 million working families moving onto Universal Credit will face changes and challenges when they do so. New analysis from Citizens Advice finds some workers may struggle to achieve financial stability on Universal Credit - particularly those affected by cuts made to the benefit since 2015 and those in less traditional forms of work.

These two reports explore the changes to people’s work incentives on Universal Credit and the specific issues for those in non-traditional work. They also look at ways these problems could be addressed to make the new benefit fit for purpose in the modern labour market.