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Parcel Delivery Complaints on Social Media

27 February 2019

Parcel Delivery Complaints on Social Media [ 0.77 mb]

2 billion parcels are delivered to UK homes each year. The majority of these deliveries are successful, arriving securely and on time. However, as many as 6 in 10 consumers have experienced a problem with parcel delivery in the past year.

These issues include items being late, being left in unsafe places, or receiving an incorrect delivery attempt confirmation despite being home at the time of delivery. They range from the mildly inconvenient, up to the intensely frustrating.

To voice these frustrations, and get a quick response, consumers are turning to Twitter. Twitter is popular because it’s quick, easy, and public. It’s also not always easy to find out how to make a complaint through other channels, and Twitter may be used as a last resort.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of issues are raised with parcel carrier on Twitter each year. Having begun to analyse this data, we’re now calling on parcel carriers to publish their complaints data. This will strengthen our monitoring of this growing sector, and help to ensure that best practice is identified and can be disseminated to other carrier.