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The missing link: Why parcel companies must deliver for disabled people

5 December 2019

The missing link: Why parcel companies must deliver for disabled people  [ 4.8 mb]

Online shopping and home deliveries can be essential for many disabled people, but when parcel deliveries go wrong they can face significant harm.

For many disabled people, online shopping is their only option. This could be because:

  • Physical shops aren’t accessible

  • Travelling to shops is challenging and expensive 

  • A busy store environment triggers stress and anxiety 

At Citizens Advice, we know that home deliveries aren’t working for disabled people. Our research shows 2 in 3 disabled people have experienced a problem with parcels in the last year.  

Problems with parcel deliveries can have a range of practical, emotional and physical impacts. Worries or concerns around the delivery can cause anxiety. For some disabled people, stress can make their physical symptoms worse. 

Many of these issues with home deliveries arise because disabled people can’t tell delivery companies about their accessibility needs in a simple way. 

At Citizens Advice, we believe disabled people should have equal access to the parcels market. 

That’s why we’re calling on delivery companies and retailers to allow disabled people to specify their additional delivery needs. 

This will remove some of the barriers disabled people currently face when getting a parcel delivered.