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Serving their purpose? Putting post office self service in context

19 December 2017

220 of the 11,600 post offices in the UK have self service machines, and around 11 million UK adults have ever used them. We want to know if there’s a case for rolling these machines out further.

We consider whether self service machines can address some of the challenges currently facing the post office network, such as longer queues at peak times and temporary post office closures.

This research [ 1.1 mb] puts post office self service machines into context, comparing them with self service machines in train stations and supermarkets. It shows that, whilst young people and Londoners actively prefer to buy a stamp at a self service machine, older and digitally excluded people would much rather be served at a staffed counter.

We will soon be publishing further research into post office self service machines and how well they work for consumers.

We want to hear your views on this. Get in touch on twitter: @CABPost