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Energy Saving Tips

Worried about your energy bills? We have advice on things you can do to save money. 

Below are some easy steps you can take to save money and energy by changing the way you use appliances or making your home more energy efficient 

You can also head over to our energy advice pages to find out what additional energy support and advice is available.

Our ‘Energy Know How Google Drive ’ leaflet has easy, expert-approved, ways to save energy and money, and is available in the following additional formats:

Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust have worked together to answer some questions you might have about your energy bills this winter.

This booklet contains helpful information on energy suppliers, meter readings and how to save money on your energy bills, and is available in the following formats:

Mencap have also created some easy read resources offering support on the following topics:

We have additional advice to help with reducing your energy costs and saving money:

Get help to make your home energy efficient

There are a number of schemes from the government, energy suppliers, local councils and others that may be able to help.

Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

This scheme gives grants for loft and cavity wall insulation and efficient boilers to people on certain benefits across Britain. Note, help for boilers through this scheme is very limited. People not on certain benefits but on a low income may get help under the ‘ECO local flexibility’ scheme which some local authorities have set up with fuel companies. ECO is delivered by the larger energy companies who each have slightly different rules for the help they give. While ECO is the largest scheme in England, there are sometimes other sources of help at a local level.

Find out more in England and Wales by visiting Your local Citizens Advice might also be able to help. Some areas also have specialist energy advice centres. Contact your local authority to see if there is one in your area.

NEST (Wales)

NEST is the Welsh Government’s scheme to help households in Wales to reduce their fuel bills. Nest can give advice on how to save energy and get help to make your home more energy efficient. They also give benefit entitlement checks to make sure you are getting all the income you are entitled to, and advice on money management. You may also be able to get energy improvement measures paid for if you receive a means-tested benefit such as Income Support and live in a property that is privately owned or privately rented and has an energy efficiency rating of E, F or G, which often applies to older and larger homes. You may be able to get help with insulation even if you are not on benefits. For more information you can contact Nest on 0808 808 2244 or go to